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What You Need to Know about Asian Date

The dating site is currently undergoing a revolutionary change instigated by the advancement in technology. Asian Date has been noted to be in the front line in the utilization of technology to link lovebirds from all over the globe. Men from any part of the world can now easily access pretty Asian ladies hustle free.

Asiandate website is the link between men and the love of their life from any part of the vast Asian continent. Fate works in mysterious ways, men from American have been fated to spend the rest of their lives with cute Chinese ladies and vice-versa. Asiandate reviews from multiple sites can attest to its pivotal role in ensuring fate has its way and love grows despite the distance, cultural and racial differences.

Asiandate Explained

Asian Date website came to the rescue of numerous men in finding love beyond borders. This site has an extensive database consisting of numerous Asian brides.

It is also equipped with efficient communication channels to ensure streamlined communication between two potential partners. Inclusive in its package, it is an interactive user-friendly webpage that offers smooth navigation and bride selection criteria.

First Impression

The first encounter with the Asian Date website is the perfect definition of love at first sight. Not with ladies, at least not yet, but with the site itself. Whether you are visiting the Asiandate site for purposes of signing up or just checking it out, one cannot fail to recognize the quality it offers. Asiandate website is designed to give the simplest yet best quality user interaction with its customers.

A quick glance at the Asiandate website and you will get all the information required. It is offered in the simplest language alongside navigation beacons to guide you to your desired section. The predominant sign-up icon is easily seen and works swiftly to redirect you to the sign-up page. The processes are synchronized to give the best experience in minimal time, the major reason why its membership is ever on the upsurge.

Technical side of protection

Safety of every dating site can be divided into two main categories: technical safety (like SSL encryption), and anti-scam filters. We’ll talk about the latter a little later. Here, we’ll tell you about the protection of your password and your credit card or PayPal details.

Long story short, you can definitely feel safe on Asiandating site. It is protected with SSL (it has a valid Thawte SSL certificate) — this technology encrypts the communication of the user with a server and therefore protects all your information from hackers. The site also has a McAfee Secure Trustmark, which means that there are no viruses and malware here.

If you don’t know anything about all this, here’s what you should know: it’s a 100% safe dating service. You shouldn’t worry about your passwords, messages, and financial information on Asiadating. What’s more, the reputation of this website is almost perfect — so we can certainly recommend to use it.

Profiles quality. Anti-scam policy

Let’s now talk about the other aspect of the website safety. We are talking about another necessary thing for every dating site — about the anti-scam filters. You want to be sure that the women you are talking to are real, right? So ,let’s talk about the verification methods and about how not to lose your money. Spoiler: it’s actually very simple.

What about the anti-scam filters?

Yes, there is a strict verification here. The problem is that it’s optional, but not obligatory — if you don’t want to verify your profile on AsianDating, you don’t have to do it. However, if you have a verified badge, you’ll get much more messages. As for the women, you can be sure that they are real only if they have such badges — so we recommend writing only to the women who have verified profiles.

The verification process is very simple — you’ll have to upload a copy of your national ID card, passport, or driver’s license, and that’s all. Of course, we strictly recommend to do it, but if you don’t want to share this information with a dating site, well, you can ignore verification. Again, it’s only up to you.

Scam. How not to lose money

Let’s be honest: everyone can meet a scammer, even if it’s the safest and the most protected dating site. It’s extremely rare for men to be scammed here, but you still should know the rules. Here they are.

  • Don’t send them money. It may sound obvious, but many men still believe when an Asian woman says that her laptop is broken or that her fridge is empty. In the absolute majority of cases, that’s not true. Don’t send them money, that’s the most important rule of online dating.
  • Block and report. If you see that someone acts suspiciously, just block this profile and report to customer support. If it’s really a scammer, she (or he) will be blocked as soon as possible — the support team works really fast here.
  • Be smart. Lots of men lose control when they see millions of hot Asian ladies. However, remember to behave well as it is your future relationship. Don’t lose your head over a girl who is not worth the effort.
  • Google her photo. If you aren’t sure if the woman who writes to you is real or not, just google her photo. If you see lots of results on lots of dating websites, well, it’s 99% a fake profile.
  • Respond to verified profiles only. It’s simple as that: a verified profile is a real profile, with no exceptions.
  • Don’t be paranoid. There are more than 2.5 million profiles here, and even if a few thousands of them are fake, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will even see them!

Website and mobile version

What about the website? Is it comfortable to use it from your PC, laptop, and mobile phone? Is there a mobile app? Continue reading this Asian dating website review and you’ll find all the answers!

Interface and general impression

We definitely like the interface of www asiandating com and the site itself. Despite there are lots of pictures here, this website is very fast and it works great even if you have a slow internet connection. It’s impossible to miss all those important buttons, so you will instinctively understand where to click to write a message or to send your interest. The design is, well, “clean” — it’s not superb, and it’s certainly not the best site we’ve ever seen, but it’s comfortable, intuitive, fast, and the color scheme is really cool.

AsianDating accounts

Mobile version of the site

As for the mobile version, we have two pieces of news — good and bad. The good news is that there is a mobile app here. It’s very similar to the website — it’s really fast and simple, and you will not have any problems with it. However, you can’t write messages from the mobile app if you have the basic account (not Gold and Platinum). You can tell a woman that you’re interested in her, or you can send her a heart (it’s very much the same as showing interest), but that’s all. The app works smoothly, and we haven’t had any serious problems even on the old version of Android.And here comes the bad news: the app is only available for Android users. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you just can’t use it, because there is no such app in the App Store. We don’t know the reasons, but all the iOS users will have to use a mobile browser instead of an app, which is not really convenient. However, the mobile version of the website is still optimized well and works quite fast, comfortable for any devices.

Registration and search options

Here, we’ll talk about the registration and searching options. It’s extremely important for registration to be simple because no one wants to spend an hour to create a profile, right? There also must be many searching options and filters to make it easier for you to find your ideal woman. Let’s see if this dating site meets these requirements!

AsianDating profile

How to create an account here?

On Asiandating login process is very simple.

The easiest way to create an account is to join with Facebook — if you click this button, you won’t even have to enter your e-mail address. However, if you don’t want to reveal your Facebook profile, you can use your valid email — just enter it at the main page of the website and it’s done. You’ll also have to enter your first name, age, and your new password.

You will also be asked to add a photo.

And it’s the step you just can’t skip. Well, technically, you can, but we don’t recommend to do it. There is a rule: the better your photo is, the more messages you’ll get, and as you’ve probably guessed, it goes without saying that no photo means no messages. We highly recommend using professional photos along with selfies that show your face (and your smile). Oh, and if you’re fit, show it off!

After that, click the “Improve Matches” button

This website has an accurate matching algorithm, so it would be stupid not to use it. Choose the match criteria (like age, appearance, and personality), and you’ll get the best matches!

And don’t forget to add important information to your profile.

There are dozens of questions here, they are about your personality, appearance, lifestyle, etc. You’ll have to do it to get the perfect matches (and to make it easier for a woman who is looking for a man like you to find you finally). Yes, this process can be quite time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth it! Oh, and don’t forget to answer 7 personality questions with your own words. These answers are critical as they help to understand you better.

Then, you can verify your account.

We’ve already said everything about the verification earlier in this Asian dating sites review so we won’t repeat it. The only thing you have to know about the verification of your profile is that it’s highly recommended to do it. Seriously, don’t skip this step.

Searching filters and options

AsianDating search options

The number and quality of search filters are one of the greatest advantages of this website. You can easily surf around Aisan date and look at the pretty girls on the site. The search is very, very flexible here, so you can find your ideal woman even if your ideal woman is a red-haired 36-year-old Thai lady with 2 diplomas and without children. Lifestyle, values, appearance, nationality — there are dozens of filters here, and we can’t say anything just great things about the searching options.But be careful: most of these filters are available for premium users only. There are actually two types of search here — basic and advanced. Basic is available for all, while advanced will only become available after you pay. Want to know more about how to pay and about the prices? Then continue reading this Asiandating review!

Pricing policy, free services

Asian Dating is a paid website. Well, it’s not 100% paid — of course, there are some free services here, and you can even write to women without a premium account. Let’s talk about pricing, about free services, and about the payment methods.

Prices and payment methods

As for the prices, well, we have some good news here. It’s quite a cheap website, and both Gold and Platinum memberships are not too expensive here. Yes, there are two types of premium membership here.

Gold is cheaper:

1-month subscription$30
3 months subscription$60
12 months subscription$120

Platinum is a little more expensive:

1-month subscription$35
3 months subscription$70
12 months subscription$150

It makes sense that Platinum membership has additional features compared to a Gold one. Thus, if you buy the latter, you’ll get the ability to write everyone, to use the advanced search (we’ve already described this feature and it’s just gorgeous!), to write instant messages, to use the site without ads, to get better matches, and to use the website in offline mode. Platinum members can also have their messages translated by the professional translators (it’s great because not all Thai ladies can speak and write English). Platinum profiles are also ranked higher, and they have more space for personal information.

Are there any free services on Asiandate dating site?

Yes! As we’ve said before, you can even write messages here for free. You can also browse the other profiles and send your “interest” to them. What’s more, even a matching algorithm is 100% free!

But of course, not all the services are available for the basic users (if they were, why would we recommend to buy a premium subscription?). Thus, you can really write messages for free, but only to the Gold and Platinum users — if you haven’t paid anything, you won’t be able to write a message to a woman who has a basic profile. The matching algorithm is free, but only its basic version — to get better matches, you’ll need to buy at least Gold membership. The same applies to the search — you can search the ladies and use search filters, but not all of them. Advanced search is available for the paid users only.

But it’s not so bad. Compared to other dating sites that want your money for every message and for every minute in chat, this service has really reasonable prices. Here, you can pay, but you don’t have to do it. So, it’s only up to you — but we still recommend to try a premium subscription. At least Gold, and at least for one month — $30 is definitely not the worst price for such a premium experience.

Pros and Cons


  • 24-hour customer support team accessibility
  • Free registration
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Affordable rates
  • Translation services available
  • High women to men ration


  • Comprises of Asian ladies only
  • Uses a prepaid mode of payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asian date free?

The majority of the significant services are paid for with credits. It only offers free sign-ups.

How do I make a profile on Asian date?

Creating your profile requires that you provide some primary information on yourself eg name gender, sexual orientation, and password to facilitate signing up after which you will be allowed to fill up your profile.

Is asiandate safe?

Security is maximized via the utilization of SSL encryption to protect both your identity and finances.

How can one delete their profile?

Profile deletion can only be effected by the customer support team, reach out to them for assistance.

How many registered members are on

Over 500,000 registered and verified members.

Is there an incognito feature available?

Unfortunately no, but you can mask your identity through the provision of less information on your profile.

How do I ascertain verified profiles?

They have a green mark beside the profile photo indicating it has been verified.

Is messaging free?

No, different types of messages require a certain minimum credit balance.

How long before my account is approved?

Upon the completion of the sign-up procedure, your account is ready to go.

How do I keep my account safe?

Securing it with an unpredictable password and keeping it discrete.

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