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Dating A Thailand Woman: Most Common Questions

If you have questions about dating a Thai woman, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Read this short guide and know everything you need about Thai mail order brides, dating websites, and about offline and online dating!

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How to choose an online dating site?

At first, let’s talk about choosing the right Thai dating site. It’s one of the most popular questions, and there is a reason for that — these websites are usually paid, so no-one wants to spend money and get a poor quality experience. If you’re interested in how to date online, let’s start with the basics.

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How to choose a safe website?

Most important feature of every dating website is safety. Some people think that design is the most important part of every dating site. The others believe that it’s all about the number of women — the more the better, they say.

In reality, the most important feature of every dating website is safety. If it’s safe, you can use it. If it’s not, you’d better stay away from it — nobody wants to lose money or to become a victim of identity theft, right?.

We are sure that you don’t want it either. That’s why the first thing you should pay attention to when you choose a dating site is its safety. Does this site use the latest SSL encryption? Does it have an SSL certificate? Does the URL of the payment page begins with HTTPS, not with HTTP? Is the website protected by antivirus and free of malware? If there are four “yes”, you can use this site. If there is at least one “no”, well… We can’t recommend using it.

How to understand if the women are real?

It’s all about verification. Some websites only have email verification, which is good, but not strong enough. The others need the copies of the government-issued documents, like a passport or driver’s license, to verify your identity. It’s usually not obligatory, but if you see something like “verified” badges, it means that this account is 100% real. We recommend using only the websites with strong verification systems. And of course, we add only the sites with a strong verification system to our ratings.

How to buy a Thai bride?

First of all, you don’t buy a Thai wife. You pay for the services a dating platform can provide. International dating sites are paid, but paid doesn’t mean expensive. Of course, you want to spend less and to get more, we all do — that’s why you’ll have to find a site with reasonable prices, not with high prices. Some of the dating websites have quite cheap premium subscriptions and even offer many free services. There is also another popular scheme, which is called “pay per letter” — that’s when you don’t pay for a month, but pay, for example, for 10 messages (or for 10 minutes of chat).

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Is customer support important?

Yes. We highly recommend paying attention to the customer support team. The support specialists must be available 24/7 in live chat, they must work fast, and they must help, not just copy and paste text from the FAQ section. You will most likely not have any problems, but it’s always good to know that there are specialists who are ready to help you for free.

We understand that it can take hours to find the right website. The good news is that you don’t have to spend these hours anymore — we’ve already done it for you. Read our reviews of the best Thai dating websites and see for yourself!

How to find Thai mail order bride?

How to date online? How to create a profile that will attract women? How to make her fall in love with you? Continue reading and you’ll find useful tips that will help you!

Create an attractive profile

At first, you’ll have to create a good profile. How to fill your profile on a dating website? Well, it’s quite simple.

At first, find your best photos. If you don’t have the best photos, take them! Several professional pictures, some full-body photos, a few selfies (smile!) — it’s a universal package that works great for all dating sites.

Then, tell about yourself. You don’t have to write an essay paper here, no. Several questions are usually ok. Describe yourself, your life and relationship goals, hobbies, interests — that would be enough.

Don’t hesitate and write first

We don’t know the reasons, but it’s a fact: lots of men afraid to text first. However, Thai women respect traditional gender values, so the absolute majority of them wait for a man to make the move!

Be polite and respectful

Thai ladies believe that foreigners are much more polite, kind, and respectful than Thai guys. Act like a gentleman, and you won’t be disappointed — if a Thai woman is treated with respect, she gives her man all her love.

Don’t ignore video chats

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At first, video chat is the best method to make sure that you’re talking to a real person. At last, video chats are much better than text chats. What’s more, they are usually not so expensive!

Perfect date with a Thai girl: tips

We talked about how to meet women online, so let’s continue the story. What about offline dating? What to do and what not to do on a first date with your Thai bride? We’ll tell you here!

Give compliments. Be fun!

Thai women are extremely feminine, and they just adore compliments. If you want to tell your Thai girl that she is beautiful, tell her — she will love it. But don’t over-use them, because no one likes flattery!

Be a gentleman — they love it!

As we’ve said, the women from Thailand believe that we the foreigners are much better than the men from their own country — so let’s not debunk this stereotype. Be punctual, hold the doors for her, and bring her home after the date!

Buy her a small gift.

We are not talking about something expensive, no! A chocolate bar, a bouquet of her favorite flowers or her favorite perfume will work great.

Be persistent.

Lots of these women are a little conservative. They sometimes act cold, unapproachable, and even distant — but if you are persistent enough (and if she likes you, of course), she will soon become your loving partner.

No public kisses and hugs.

Just no. Public hugs, kisses, even holding hands — all these things are a no-no in Thailand.

Are Thai ladies really so good?

Yes, they are! Marrying Thai mail order brides is really something different just as finding Pinay brides or any other Asian beauties. Let’s see, why.

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They are beautiful. It’s an exotic beauty — they have golden skin, dark eyes, fit hourglass bodies, and really cute faces. It’s almost impossible to put that beauty into words — you have to see it to understand what we’re talking about.

Traditional values. Thai ladies are family-oriented, they respect traditional gender roles, and they are perfect mothers and wives just as Vietnamese brides.

Smart and well-educated. There is a stereotype about uneducated women from Southeast Asia… But Thai ladies destroy this stereotype. They are fun and interesting to talk to, and they are really smart.

Are all those stereotypes true?

Green Card and gold diggers.

Some people think that there are two things all the Asian mail order brides want: money and Green Card. Well, that’s not true. Thailand is not a poor country, and the ladies don’t suffer from a low level of life here. They want to find loving and respectful husbands, not rich guys who’ll sponsor them.

It’s too expensive.

Although we can’t say how much is a mail order bride (because the price is always different), it’s usually not so expensive. Premium subscriptions cost $30-120, K1 Visa costs $2,025, one way ticket to Bangkok costs something like $800 — who said that dating an American woman is cheaper?

Thai ladies are too conservative.

No, they are not. Their country might be, but not them. Thai women are family-oriented and feminine, but they are also westernized and modern.

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How to make online dating safe?

It’s actually very simple: there are 3 rules you should follow to feel safe. Here they are.

  • Don’t send them money. If a woman asks to send money, it’s 99.9% a scam. Block her, report her, and find another lady.
  • No video chat? It’s a scam. If she refuses to meet or to video chat with you, it’s most likely a scammer. You already know what to do with such profiles.
  • Private information should be private. Don’t tell anyone your SSN, home address, or any other sensitive data.

Sounds quite simple, right? Now, when you know more about safe online dating, you are ready to start. Read the reviews by our experts, choose the website you like most and find your love today!

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