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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: How Much Do They Cost And Who They Are

Going to meet a Vietnamese mail order wife? It’s simple as that, just find a good mail bride website and choose among thousands of amazing women from Vietnam. But before, read this to understand these girls better — this post is based on true facts and statistics!

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Vietnamese girls for marriage and American men

Vietnam is one of the most popular Asian countries in terms of online dating and mail order brides. In 2019, almost 1,800 Vietnamese brides got married to American men (1,782 to be more specific). This number is 3 times higher than it was 10 years ago, in 2010 — and it’s another indication that some western men don’t marry a Thai woman, which slowly makes Vietnamese women for marriage more and more popular among Americans. They are not even close to Filipino brides, of course, but Vietnam is still one of the top Asian bride countries. The ratio of women who already have kids before they get married to an American man is very typical for Asians — in general, 1 out of 4.6 Vietnamese women who move to the United States on a K-1 visa already have kids.

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A cost for mail order brides from Vietnam

Here’s what you need to know if you want to buy a Vietnamese wife: do it online. It’s much cheaper and much more comfortable than going to Vietnam and trying to find the love of your life approaching the girls on the streets. What’s more, Vietnamese mail order brides websites are typically not that expensive — most of them cost about $20-$50 per month.

There’s no such thing as “average Vietnamese bride price”, but you should be ready to spend at least $1,500 for two weeks in Vietnam. Let’s see what’s included in this cost:

  • Flights. The cheapest one-way ticket from NYC to Hanoi will cost you about $400, the most expensive one — up to $550. $410-$450 is considered to be a moderate price for an NYC-Hanoi flight. And it’s much cheaper in comparison to desire to find a Japanese wife.
  • Hotels, food. A hostel/hotel room for 1 person will cost you about $21 but if you prefer more comfortable living conditions, you’ll need to spend around $40. The average cost of food in Vietnam is about $10 per 1 person (street food is cheaper than restaurants, obviously).
  • Transportation, entertainment. The average cost of a taxi ride is about $7 per 1 day here and $10 per day is usually enough for entertainment (but it depends on what activities you prefer, of course).

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The truth about Vietnamese brides

There’s no clear statistical data on women who use Vietnamese mail bride services but we can assume most of them are quite young (20-40 years old). What we can say based on national statistics is that Vietnamese women are very educated (more educated than Vietnamese men, actually) and that they are typically employed within textile and footwear sectors or self-employed as most Korean ladies for marriage are, and they are more likely to occupy senior management positions than other Asians. The age difference is not a problem for them at all — when it comes to Vietnamese brides who get married to American men, the average age gap is quite high (5.6-9.2 years).

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Thousands of Vietnamese mail order brides for sale are searching for an American man, and most of them are available on special mail order brides websites. Choose any site, create a profile, start chatting with the girls — your Vietnamese love is closer than you think!

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