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Marrying A Thai Woman: Should You Actually Do It?

Thai women are some of the most popular foreign brides for Western men and the ones who started the whole mail order bride craze. If you have been disappointed by local women or simply enjoy everything about Thai girls, you have probably considered marrying a Thai woman at some point. But is marriage to a Thai lady as amazing as it looks to an outside observer? Here is an honest take on marrying a Thai woman as a Western man.

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Pros of marrying a Thai woman

Today, Instagram stars influencers are trending in Thailand, but what exactly makes them so special to Western men? First, the special mix of genes and nationalities gave them such an exotic and mesmerizing look. The second thing that is hard not to notice is the elegance, femininity, and natural grace in their curvy figures. To better understand and see for yourself all the beauty of stunning women from Thailand, let’s take a look at the top best Instagram accounts of hot Thai girls.

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The decision to marry a Thai girl is a big one. If you want to know what it is about Thai women, besides their ethereal beauty that makes them perfect for a happy marriage, here are their 5 best relationship qualities.

Respect for the man

Thai women are naturally conditioned to treat their men with the utmost respect. A Thai wife will love to get involved in the decision-making process and offer sound advice whenever you need it, but she will never try to upset the balance of power in your marriage.

Maternal care

Thai girls are fantastic at so many things, but motherhood seems to be their true calling. Most women in Thailand are in no rush to have children, but once you start a family with your Thai wife, you will realize that there is no one more caring and attentive to have as the mother of your children.

Absolute loyalty

If you are looking for a woman who will stand by your side no matter what instead of abandoning you and the life you have together at the first sign of trouble, you should know that a Thai wife definitely meets these criteria from the moment you’ve started dating her. How much it will cost you? Thai bride price list is already in one of our guides.

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Taking care of the house

Even the most forward-thinking Thai women still consider homemaking to be one of their top priorities. These views come from their own families, where the mother was solely responsible for keeping the home clean and bringing food to the table. Besides, Thai girls simply cannot trust anyone else with those duties.

Putting the family first

Your Thai spouse can be a stay-at-home wife and mother or a talented and career-oriented woman, but the one thing that will never change is her desire to give all the time and resources she has to her own family.

Cons of marrying a Thai woman

At first, your marriage to a Thai lady will seem like the best decision you have ever made, but it’s important to remember that like any marriage, it’s going to have some downsides. Here are the most common issues you can potentially face if you marry a woman from Thailand.

Cultural and language differences

Just as most Vietnamese ladies for marriage, many young Thai women now immerse themselves in Western culture and have a decent level of English, but you may still run into many differences in your cultural background or have trouble understanding each other from time to time.

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Financial problems

Your financial situation will matter a lot to your Thai wife. Most Thai women marrying foreigners don’t want to work ever again, which is why you will need to financially support your wife, your children, and sometimes even her family back in Thailand.

Family involvement

The parents of Thai women for marriage are often overbearing and don’t see a problem with getting too involved in their daughter’s marriage. Your wife may spend hours talking to her family on the phone or constantly ask them for advice on your family matters.

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While there may be some downsides to marrying a woman from Thailand, the pros far outweigh any cons. As long as you choose the right partner and treat your marriage to a Thai lady just like you would treat a relationship with a local woman, your marriage is bound to be a happy and satisfying one.

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