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Filipino Mail Order Brides — Facts You Didn’t Know About Them

How much does a Filipina bride cost? How many Filipino women marry American men? What is the average age gap between Filipino brides and American husbands? Read this short guide and you’ll find all the answers to these questions!

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Filipino women for marriage and American men

Philippines brides are extremely popular among Americans and it’s not just words — the Philippines is the most popular country in the world when it comes to mail order brides. It has always been the top country in terms of mail brides: for example, in 2010, more than 6,000 Filipina mail order brides entered the United States upon a K-1 visa (it’s a so-called fiancee visa). In 2019, this number has increased — more than 7,100 women from the Philippines got married to American men as the majority Thailand wives. 1 out of 5 Filipinas who moved to the US upon a K-1 visa had already had children — in 2019, almost 1,500 K-2 visas were issued.

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A Filipino mail order bride cost

When it comes to the Filipino mail order brides cost, it’s necessary to choose how you will meet your Filipino bride first. You can do it offline — buy a ticket to Manila, start approaching the girls on the street, and maybe you’ll find the right woman. However, it’s extremely hard for an average American man to go this way because of several reasons. First of all, it’s not the right country for approaching the girls on the street because of its traditional values and its conservative society. Secondly, Filipinas are typically not that good in English as some Vietnam brides might be, so if you’re not a fluent Tagalog speaker, you’ll probably have problems with the language barrier, too. Using Filipino dating sites is easier and cheaper — most dating/mail bride platforms with Filipinas cost about $20-$50 per month.

So, how much does a Filipino mail order wife cost? First of all, you’ll need to buy a ticket to Manila (a two-way ticket will cost you about $970). The average vacation to the Philippines for 2 weeks will cost you about $800-$1,000 but it depends on your travel style, of course. You can easily spend $150-$200 per day if you prefer luxurious restaurants and hotels, which on the other hand could be impossible if you’ve decided to meet Japan bride in her expensive country. A hotel for 1 person will cost you about $20 and a double-occupancy room will cost you $40 per day. The meals will cost you about $12-$20 per day, and the entertainment (museums/attractions/tours) will cost about $13-$15 per day.

In total, you should be ready to spend $1,800-$2,500 for a two-week trip to the Philippines.

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The truth about Filipino brides

Most Filipino mail order brides who use online dating services are young (in their 20s-30s), most of them are well-educated (more Filipino women got advanced degrees than men in the last years), and most of them have a job (mostly professional and technical jobs, not manual nonprofessional labor). They have no problems with an age difference — the average age gap between Filipino women and American men is 6-10 years.

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Conclusion: Are Filipino wives really worth it?

Wanna meet a Filipino wife? That’s a great idea. These women are very popular among Americans, they are beautiful, traditional, quite shy, and they make perfect wives. You don’t need to move to the Philippines to meet them — just choose a dating platform, sign up, and find your love!

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