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A Cherry Blossoms Review for International Dating

Have you been looking for an awesome girl to hang around with and eventually live together as husband and wife? Relax and consider it done, Cherry Blossoms is the home of beautiful Asian girls looking forward to lifelong relationships. They are beautiful, caring faithful and full of patience. The best thing about Asian women in CherryBlossoms is that they are understanding and know that no man is perfect. They accept you as you are. Your flaws are acceptable.

Do not delay anymore, make up your mind and grasp the chance, Cherry Blossoms is the way to go. It is the best Asian dating site featuring cute Filipino girls among others who are an ideal choice for a lifetime companion for the following reasons.

Why Girls Registered at Cherry Blossoms could become an Ideal Match

Asian women are known to have good and adorable personality traits. They impress men because of their culture and upbringing value of mutual respect. They are upbrought to be always nearby you to support you and feel loved all day long.

  • They are really beautiful, with big dark eyes and a natural glow, with a soft smooth skin plus an adorable figure that drives men crazy.
  • The women are easy to maintain owing to the fact that they have not been influenced by the modern way of life unlike women in the western world who have been influenced by modernity. Filipinos will never demand things that are not necessary.
  • They are lovely, full of fun, and the best is that they are welcoming to men from various parts of the world. Their cheerful nature is shown by their smiles brightening the lives of men who get lucky to marry them. Be prepared for unending romance moments.
  • They are really feminine and understand their roles because traditionally the role of men and women were strictly shared in Asia. This made them grow knowing what they are expected to do as women.

If you are interested in getting an Asian woman, read the CherryBlossoms review to the end for insight.

Short Overview of Cherry Blossoms

Being one of the most popular and ideal platforms, Cherry Blossoms hosts mainly cute Filipino girls looking for handsome men for love. The dating site has been in existence for 45 years having been established in 1975. Over the years, countless lovers have found their love of life and established initiate intimate relationships. Make sure to remain cautious to avoid being a victim of fraud.

As aforementioned, the site primarily features Filipino girls but in some cases, you are likely to see women from other areas such as China and Thailand. The platform is strict on the authenticity of users and does not allow women born in the USA and Canada.

Male users from the United States and Canada are highly welcome because most female users desire to get men from Western countries.

Cherry Blossom dating site boasts of a large database full of young single girls seeking men for a serious relationship and eventually live together like husband and wife.

If you have a desire of marrying a Filipino or maybe you just want to interact with them to feel their characters, Cherry Blossoms is the best platform to get your wishes made real.

Site’s Aim

The site aims at connecting Filipino women with foreign men looking forward to marrying such girls. For 45 years of operation in the dating arena, Cherry Blossoms has been proven as an outstanding dating platform. The number of users has increased progressively.

How does This Site Look Like?

The approximate number of active users in Cherry Blossoms dating site is far above 50,000. To get into contact with any of the members you must register in a two-step process which is easy and takes approximately quarter an hour.

What’s about the first step?

  • fill your sex
  • describe your intentions
  • give your age and location
cherryblossoms process of registration

Then, let’s supply your personal details such as marital status, ethnicity and race, personal attributes, employment, and a few others. A short personal description is required in a creative manner to attract potential mates.

There is an option of joining Cherry Blossoms through Facebook. Using Facebook means that your profile details on Facebook will be used in making Cherry Blossoms Profile.

cherryblossoms create an account

Free Registration

Registration is free but the free membership has limited capabilities. While on the free membership on Cherry Blossoms, you can only:

  • create a profile
  • upload a maximum of 12 pictures
  • send smiles
  • view profiles of registered users
cherry blossom search

The free subscription is not good because having a limit of 12 photos means that you cannot showcase all of your sweet photos. Being able to upload more photos is better because it makes it easier to show an interested member how cute and awesome you are. The free version is only meant to help you get a feel of the site before making a payment.

Payment Needed for the Premium Membership

The free membership only allows setting a profile, sending a smile and view profiles but sending a smile doesn’t help because she will not be able to respond. To send a message successfully and initiate a chat, a video call or unlock any other benefits of dating platform, upgrade your account to a premium one. Visit the order basket and select your desired membership bundle.

cherryblossoms prices

Users have a wide range of options to make which include one-month, three-months, six-months or 12-months subscriptions based on your needs.

1-month user membership$29.95
3-months membership$49.95
6-months membership$79.95
12-months subscription$119.95

At a glance, services available for people with a paid version include:

  • Messaging and Chat
  • Video Messaging
  • Visa Help
  • Email Sending
  • Video Chats

The main method of making payment in the site is PayPal.

How Real Are Dating Site’s Profiles?

We believe, many people are wondering how real profiles on Cherry Blossoms. It’s objective desire as the Internet is full of dating websites with fakes. Some websites use chatbots for talking. Other platforms hire thousands of girls who are chatting and asking for some gifts. Fortunately, it’s not about this service.

Yep, Cherry Blossoms doesn’t verify the profiles. However, the amount of claims regarding fake profiles is limited, which is proven during the 45-years history of the platform.

cherryblossoms profile

Anyway, beware that profiles are not screened and there is a possible threat from fraudsters and scammers. Do not be over cautions, majority of the profiles are really legit


In online dating sites, security is a matter of concern. CherryBlossoms has been in operation for over 40 years and therefore experienced in detecting fraud making it a trustworthy dating platform. User Information at the website is encrypted by SSL certificate making it safe from interception.

The platform provides a safe platform for singles around the world to meet and interact. If you feel that you don’t want to expose much of your information in the site, you can choose to connect via other forms of communication.


Most people are experts in using technology but there are instances where you feel the need to get input from an expert. For instance, if you get into a problem while trying to log in, making contact or paying the subscription fee, the only solution is to get into contact with the support staff.

The support team office is open on all working days (Monday – Friday) from 7:30 am to 3:30 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time.

You can also send an email or call the support team of Cherry Blossoms through or (808) 889-0101.

CherryBlossoms Key Features

The website has some features unique to itself, though some of them are common for dating sites.

Visa Help

The Visa help functionality helps in supporting users for travel and passport services. You can easily get a visa for yourself or for your fiancé easily because it offers links to government agencies.

Setting Matching Profiles

The user is allowed to set matching profiles to be able to receive emails and notifications regularity notifying on members who match criteria. The feature is very helpful as it saves you from searching for a potential mate for hours on the site.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security Measures feature that helps users to search profiles to see if a user is false or real.


Robust search functionality allows users to customize their search. You can easily limit search results as desired — active members, a given country, specific age among others.

There is a wide range of communication options at your disposal — messages, video chats and normal chats which gives you an opportunity to know the other person better.

It has lots of users and at any instance, there are thousands of online users which means that you can lack someone to chat with at any instance.

The site has an effective and helpful support staff who can be reached via a phone call, email or paying a visit to the office during workdays.


Messages and other features can only be enjoyed after upgrading the membership. You cannot be able to chat with anyone before making payment.

Fake profiles and possible scammers is a problem just like in other dating sites. It is, however, possible to avoid them.

The site does not have a mobile app, users must use the website.

The site looks outdated and badly need an upgrade to give it a better impression than the current one.

The Final Verdict

The dating site offers excellent dating services by creating a safe platform where singles can interact. The site has a large database with cute Filipino women and from other Asian Countries. The platform is cheap, but they do have a mobile app and the site hasn’t been upgraded for quite some time. The few problems the site has been negligible and do not have significant impact in the working of the site.

The site does not screen profiles of users before approving them which means that there is likelihood of scammers. It is therefore important to remain cautious and should never send anyone money. If someone asks for money, be sure that that is a scammer and if he or she turns otherwise you are just but lucky. Cherry Blossom is worth giving a try for sure, you won’t regret.

Always remember that you are dealing with strangers and therefore important to be careful. Never send anyone your bank card information nor give them money before ascertaining they are real honest people. Now you know everything about the Cherry Blossoms dating site. The ball is in your court; decide if it is worth your time and money as you set out on a journey looking for a lovely Asian girl to enjoy life with. Life is short; fill it with awesome adventures and memories.

Good luck!

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