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Thai Friendly: Is It So Good? What To Know About It?

ThaiFriendly is the most popular dating site in Thailand. There are more than 1.5 million users here, and more than 88,000 people use this site every week. It’s one of the biggest and one of the best international dating websites in the world. What’s more, its audience is still growing, and we are sure that soon, we’ll see more than 2 million users on this website.

Of course, such popularity has lots of reasons. If you want to know more about these reasons, you should definitely read this Thai Friendly review by our experts. They have considered all the details, read hundreds of reviews, and spend long hours on this dating site — and now they are ready to tell you everything they know about it!

ThaiFriendly Interface and sign in

The very first thing you see when you open the website is the interface. The very first thing you do when you open the website is registration. That’s why it makes sense to start with these two — so let’s begin with the review of the site itself and with the review of the registration process.

thaifriendly registration

Do you want to be surprised? Well, you won’t. ThaiFriendly site is just good, but it’s not perfect. The main page looks a little boring, but if you want our opinion, this dating site looks exactly how a dating site should look like. There are no surprises here, it’s just a decent, stable, and good site with a traditional design — hundreds of photos of hot Thai ladies, calm white color scheme, everything’s simple and intuitive here. The good news is that you will most likely not have any problems with using it because it’s very similar to all the other top dating websites.

On Thai Friendly, login process is very simple and fast. At first, you’ll have to sign up as a new user. Then, the registration begins. To register an account, you’ll have to fill several fields, like email address, and profile section (you can just type anything here because you’ll be able to edit your personal information later). Please, use a valid email address during the registration — you’ll have to verify your account later, and it’s impossible to do it without a valid email. If you can’t verify your account via email, your profile will be deleted.

Then, you’ll have to complete your profile and make it attractive to Thai ladies… We won’t talk about how to attract a Thai woman here — instead, let’s take a look at one of the problems of this dating service. It’s not huge, it’s not too serious, but we are still sure that you should know about it.


Unfortunately, ThaiFriendly doesn’t have a matchmaking algorithm. There are no match suggestions here, so you’ll have to find a woman by yourself. Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely not a red-flag problem — but using ThaiFriendly would’ve been much more comfortable and user-friendly if it had such a feature. However, we can’t say that the absence of it spoils the user experience. It’s still an easy-to-use, convenient, and simple website which is perfect both for beginners and for pro online date-seekers.

Searching options and filters

There are two types of search on Thai Friendly dating site, basic and advanced. Basic search is free, while advanced is paid (you don’t pay only for the advanced search, of course. It’s just one of the premium account features). Basic search is very, you know, “basic”. If you want to search by height, weight, education, children, cities, age range, as well as to sort women by registration date/by last active date, you’ll have to buy a premium account.

What about communication methods?

There are two main methods of communication with women here: chat and messaging contact. Chat is similar to all the other chats you’ve seen in your life — it’s convenient, it’s easy-to-use, and there are some cool stickers. As for the messaging contact, well, it’s like Facebook status — so if you are a Facebook user, you will have no problems with it. Well, you won’t have them even if you aren’t, thanks to the intuitive interface. You can also show that you are interested in a woman — to do it, just click at the heart icon on the photo of a woman you like.

Mobile version of the site

Great news for all mobile users — Thai Friendly dating site offers a great mobile app which is much more convenient than the site itself. This app works on both iOS and Android devices (we’ve tested it and it’s great, it works fast even on Android 5.0). It’s available both on the Apple Store and Google Play, which means it’s a 100% safe app that will not steal any of your information. It’s really comfortable to use it, and it’s much better than chatting via your mobile browser.

Is it safe to use ThaiFriendly?

Of course, you can’t ignore safety and privacy issues. We are sure that it’s basically the most important thing you have to take into consideration when choosing a dating website — because, well, we all share too much information with such websites, from our real names and DOBs to credit card details and CVV codes. This information can easily be misused if stolen, so we believe that safety and protection are extremely important. You don’t want to lose your money or to become a victim of identity theft, right?

Let us tell you a piece of good news: with Thaifriendly, you don’t have to worry about safety. It’s a completely safe and reputable dating service that protects all the information you share with it and doesn’t sell or forward it to any third party.

Protection measures

This website is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which means it’s impossible to hack it and to steal your personal or financial information. All the payments are additionally protected by Visa and MasterCard — yeah, it means that you’ll most likely have to verify your identity when you make a transaction, but it also means that no one will use your credit card.

Privacy policy

As for the privacy, everything’s fine here, too. In short words, you don’t have to worry about it — this website collects certain information, like passwords, IP address, and browser profiles, but it doesn’t share this data with anyone. As for some sensitive details about yourself, like religious or political views, well, it’s only up to you to choose whether you should share it with the users or not. Everything you will write about yourself is visible to any user, so be careful with it. We personally don’t recommend sharing such information here.

Quality of profiles

Unlike some mail order bride services with Asian girls, Thai Friendly is just a dating website for the men who want to find a woman. It’s not a marriage agency, and the profiles aren’t created by the agency specialists here. There are almost no professional studio photos here, and the women don’t have to verify their identities to create a profile. It’s much more like Tinder in this regard — if a woman wants to find a man, she just registers here, adds her best photos, and starts chatting with guys.

That’s why you won’t see that “Validated Profiles Only” box here — because all the profiles are validated via email. On the one hand, it may look like a perfect place for scammers. On the other hand, there are very few scammers here because of a great anti-scam policy — thus, if you see a person who acts like the one, you just block her and that’s all. If it’s really a fraudster, this account will be deleted as soon as possible.

The verification

Are the profiles on ThaiFriendly website verified in real life? No. But does it mean that there are lots of fake and scam profiles here? No. In this regard, it’s just like any other international dating website. According to all the Thai Friendly reviews we’ve read, there are just no such people here. However, if you want to feel 200% safe, just don’t send them money. It’s simple as that.

All about prices on ThaiFriendly dating site

It’s a paid website, as we’ve already mentioned. However, it’s not like all those dating sites that don’t allow you to write messages without money — the number of free services is very high here. Basically, you can write and even arrange a date without paying a penny — but of course, if you want to get high-level experience, you’ll have to buy a Premium account. Another piece of good news is: prices are quite low here.

How much is dating on Thai Friendly?

There are no traditional credits here because this dating service doesn’t use a pay per letter system. The only thing you can buy is a premium account — and it’s quite cheap here. Thus, let’s see the pricelist.

1 month premium$24.95
3 months premium$49.95
12 months premium$99.95

We highly recommend to choose the latter option because in this case, you’ll only pay $8.33 for a month instead of $24.95. ThaiFriendly website reviews prove that you have the chance to save the money if you purchase the subscription for a longer period or time.

If you buy a premium account, you’ll get premium services. These services are:

  • Unlimited messages
  • Chat
  • Advanced search
  • Highlighted profile

The ability to see the listsThe last feature means that you’ll be able to observe the statistics, noticing who visited your page, how many messages, ‘winks’ or faves you received.

Payment methods and refunds

Unlike the majority of Asian dating services, this one accepts payments in PayPal and Bitcoin. You can also buy a premium account on Thai Friendly with your credit card, of course — and we really like that we’re given a choice here.

Useful tip: if you want to save money, pay from the mobile app. The monthly subscription costs only $19.99 here.

What’s even better, this dating site has a great refund policy. Thus, you can get your money back for 14 days if you aren’t satisfied. You can close your account and get a refund, but be careful — only the first-time users can get their money back via PayPal, credit card or Bitcoin. Please, note that it’s impossible to get your money back if you made in-app purchases.

Are there any free services?

Yes! As we’ve said earlier in this Thai Friendly website review, it’s one of the biggest advantages of this dating site. You can write messages (1 for 10 minutes, but still), show your interest, upload and view photos, search, and even add the ladies to your “favorites” list for free. Basically, you can use this site for free without any problems without buying a premium account.

What else to know about Thaifriendly com?

Of course, that’s not all you should know about this dating service. There are two more facts that are very important for all men who are going to use it. Here they are.

Customer support is great here.

According to dozens of Thai Friendly reviews we saw, the support team always helps to solve the problems. We have asked them several questions, and get our answers in several hours.

It’s perfect for both long-term relationships and one-night stands.

This dating site is perfect for men who are looking for a Thai wife, and it’s great for guys who want to have a seduction adventure. It’s just great.

Pros and cons: why it’s worth it

Tired of reading this long Thai Friendly website review? Let’s make it short. Is it a good dating website for those who are looking for a Thai woman? Is it safe, cheap, and comfortable? What are the problems of this dating site? The short answers are here!



It’s a 100% safe website which protects both your financial data and your personal information. Payments protection, privacy policy — everything is perfect here.

Number of users

As we’ve said, there are more than 1,500,000 users here, and it’s a huge number. Just imagine, it’s like Philadelphia full of beautiful Asian women who want to find a Western man! Thousands of Asian ladies join this site every day, so we are sure that you will definitely find your ideal woman here.

PayPal payments

Lots of dating sites don’t accept payments in PayPal. This one does. What’s more, you can even pay in Bitcoin (like, if you want to stay anonymous).

Mobile app

There is a very, very good mobile app, and it’s just great for all mobile users. Using a mobile browser isn’t half as comfortable as using this app, we can guarantee it.

Free services

We also love the fact that it isn’t actually a paid site. It’s actually free — you can send messages and show that you’re interested in women without paying anything. Of course, we recommend to try a premium account because it adds dozens of cool features, but still, that’s nice.


They are not “reasonable”, they are just low here on Thai Friendly! If you buy a yearly subscription, you’ll actually pay 27 cents for every day of your premium account. If this isn’t low price, then what is?


Verification of profiles

If you prefer writing to “verified” women only, you’ll most likely feel uncomfortable here at first. But then, you’ll get used to it.

Not the best interface and design

Well, let’s be honest: this site looks ok, but not “OMG, It’s Great!”. It’s a pure functionality over design.

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