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EasternHoneys: Is It One Of The Best Thai Dating Sites?

EasternHoneys dating site is one of the best options for every man who wants to find a Thai woman. It’s trustworthy, quite cheap, and it offers a great matching algorithm, it’s safe, and definitely worth your attention.

Of course, we understand that these words are not enough. That’s why our experts have considered all the pros and cons of this site, as well as all the details, and created this full website review.

Registration on EasternHoneys

We’ll start with the review of the website itself. At first, we’ll talk about interface, mobile version, registration, and searching options of this dating site — it’s very important, because if a site isn’t easy-to-use, you’ll have problems with using it, and that’s definitely not what you’re looking for. Spoiler: there are no such problems with this dating service.

EasternHoneys login page

Website interface and quality

The navigation is very simple here and the interface is nice and intuitive. It’s very similar to other top dating websites — so if you’ve ever tried online dating, you will not have any problems here. We also like the fact that there are almost no ads here, so nothing will distract you from online dating.

Mobile version and mobile app

If a dating site offers a mobile app, it’s just great. Unfortunately, there is no app here — but the mobile version of the website is quite good. It works great on all Android and iOS devices, according to our tests, and it’s very fast and convenient. We even found an old Lenovo with Android KitKat and tested the site on its old browser — and everything worked great! So, if you prefer mobile chatting, you will love this dating service.

Registration process: is it simple?

The registration process is quite simple here. You enter your name, sex, date of birth, email, and password, and voila — your profile is created. We recommend using a real email address because you’ll have to verify your profile later.

But of course, that’s not all. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this site has a great matching algorithm — but to use this algorithm, you’ll have to answer some of questions. Only after that, the website will show you the women who match your personality most. Well, you can skip all the questions, but we recommend to spend a couple of minutes and answer all of them if you want to get the best result.

Searching options and filters

The number of searching tools is very important, too. The more options a site offers, the better — because these options make it easier for you to find exactly the woman you’re looking for. As for this website, well, the number of search filters is quite good:

  1. Country
  2. Marital status
  3. Religion
  4. Level of edication
  5. Children
  6. Age
  7. Smoking/drinking habits
  8. Etc.
EasternHoneys search

We recommend clicking on the “validated” button — that’s how you’ll find only real women with verified profiles.

Accounts: number and quality

Some of the dating websites have millions of users, the others have thousands of them. The latter type is usually called “niche”, and such sites are mostly focused on women from a certain country. This dating site is definitely not “niche site” — there are lots of women from different Asian countries here, and more than 55,000 of people visit this service every month. As for Thai brides, well, the choice is quite wide — there are thousands of them here, so you will definitely not be disappointed.

EasternHoneys accounts

Are the profiles real here?

There is one more important question you should ask when you choose a dating website. This question is: are the profiles real here?

You don’t have to worry about it when it comes to Eastern Honeys. This website has thousands of validated profiles. So when you’re talking to a woman here, you can be sure that she is 100% real and that her profile is verified.

And when we say “verified”, we really mean it. It’s not like a site when you verify your email and that’s all. Here, all the women have to provide the copies of their documents to register a profile. It’s impossible for a woman to create a fake account here, so literally all of the ladies on this site are real. That’s one of the strongest anti-scam filters we’ve ever seen — because when it comes to dating sites, the ID verification isn’t usually obligatory. 50 points for EasternHoneys!

EasternHoneys presents

Is there anything suspicious here?

Sometimes, you start receiving dozens of similar messages right after registration, even if your profile is empty. It’s quite suspicious, and this could mean that the scammers write to you. The good news is: there are no such problems here. Women will write to you first, of course, but only if they are really interested in you — because there are no scammers on this website.

Number of communication methods

The system this website uses is called “Pay Per Letter” — you’ll have to buy credits to pay for every single letter. It’s a traditional system for dating services, and we’ll talk about the pricing policy later — here, we’ll describe the communication opportunities.

In short, everything is quite traditional here. You can write a letter to the woman you like (up to 3500 characters, so you’ll be able to write long and detailed letters), you can send her a photo or receive her photo. What’s more, website also gives you an opportunity to send gifts to the girls — you can choose between virtual gifts and real gifts, like bouquets of flowers, jewelry and other.

EasternHoneys main page

Is EasternHoneys cheap or expensive?

Yes, this site is paid. When it comes to international online dating, paid sites are always better than free ones — because when you use a free website, you just can’t be sure that the women are real and that your personal information is protected. That’s why we highly recommend using paid services — after all, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Pricing policy. Cost of credits

You can pay by your credit card here. This site accepts payments in both Visa and MasterCard, so you will not have any problem with buying credits. Unfortunately, you can’t pay by PayPal.

There are two types of packages here: credits and premium account. Premium account is extremely cheap — it costs only $10, which means that you can pay $10 and read all the incoming letters and chat invites, as well as see all the profile statistics (number of messages, profile visitors, number of women who added you to favorites, number of contacts requests, and number of ladies who liked you). Another cool thing is that you’ll get 20 credits when you buy a premium account. One message costs 2 credits, and one gift costs 5 credits, so you’ll be able to write 10 messages for only $10. It’s quite a low price, and it’s great.

But if it isn’t enough, you can always buy additional credits. Here is the list of prices for the packs:

20 credits$9.99
50 credits$28.99
125 credits$64.99
250 credits$99.99
750 credits$214.99

You can spend these credits on everything you want, from buying gifts (a bouquet will cost 280 credits) to video chatting.

The refund policy is similar to other dating services’ refund policies. If you’ve been scammed, if you want to cancel the order, or if your meeting request has been declined by a woman, you can return your money to your credit card. If you haven’t used your credits and now want to close your account, you can also get your money back.

What can you do for free on EasternHoneys?

Of course, it’s impossible to talk and to arrange a date with a woman without credits, but there are still some free options here. Registration, searching, and browsing profiles are completely free. You can take a look at the Thai ladies for free, and, what’s more important, you can like their pages even if you haven’t bought any credits yet.

Looks like the list of free services isn’t too long, right? Well, that’s true. That’s how all the international dating websites and services work — unfortunately, you’ll have to pay to find your love. But the good news is you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars (unless you send those gorgeous bouquets to every woman you see, of course). A few hundreds of dollars is usually enough.

Safety and protection

The site has a great anti-scam policy. All the ladies here are real, all the profiles are validated, and you can easily block and report a profile which looks or acts suspiciously. But what about the technical side of safety? Is this service safe and protected?

Yes. The site is protected with the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which protects your payments and your financial information. You shouldn’t worry that someone will steal your credit card information because it’s impossible here. As for the passwords and personal information, well, everything’s fine, too.

Payments are also protected by MasterCard Secure Code and by Verified by Visa technologies — which means it’s impossible to lose money here.

There is a good article with useful safety tips on Eastern Honeys blog. These tips are simple, but we still recommend to read this article to understand what you should and shouldn’t do.

Oh, and we also recommend to read the article about fraud protection on this website. These tips can be useful, especially for those who haven’t ever used any international dating sites.

Customer support, languages, meeting

Customer support

This dating service is almost perfect, that’s a fact. But the problems are still possible — and if you have a problem, it must be solved as soon as possible. That’s why a customer support team must be fast and professional — and that’s exactly how we can describe the support service here. You can write a message via the live chat and get professional response in a few minutes. The live chat is available 24/7, but it’s only available for the premium members. By the way, we have also reviewed dozens of feedbacks written by real users — and according to these feedbacks, the support team is just great.


The absolute majority of Thai women who are looking for foreign boyfriends and husbands can speak English well. But if you like a woman whose English isn’t fluent, it’s not a problem at all. The website offers translation services, so in any case, you won’t even feel a language barrier. But of course, you’ll have to pay for translation and interpreter services. It’s not too expensive, but you still have to know about it.

Real-life dates

Some international dating services arrange meetings with Asian women. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t organize offline dating — you’ll have to visit Thailand, to book a hotel room, and to plan a date by yourself. But don’t worry about it — Thailand is a very hospitable place. It’s a great country, with friendly people, and the majority of these people know English well. So, you will most likely not have any problems with organizing a date in Thailand by yourself.

P.S. Get ready to answer the questions. Lots of questions. It’s another cool feature of dating the dating service — there are many questionnaires here. It’s great, because all these questions and tests allow you to know more about your woman by clicking on her profile (and vice versa) — so if you want to find a soulmate, just take a look at her answers. They are very revealing, you know.

EasternHoneys: pros and cons

Let’s make a conclusion: is this online dating service worth your time and money? Is it really as good as all the reviews suggest? Are there any pitfalls and things you need to know before creating an account?

Here, you’ll find a short description of the pros and cons of this dating website, and we’ll begin with the pros



You definitely shouldn’t worry about your personal and financial information when you’re here. The website is 100% safe and protected.

Customer support

Live chat is available 24/7, and the customer support specialists are professional and friendly. If you have any problems, they’ll help you.

Anti-scam policy

All the profiles are verified, and all the women are real here. No scammers, no fake profiles — everything is fair.

Website and mobile website

The website works fast, it’s comfortable and easy-to-use. The mobile version of the site is fast and convenient, too.


A wide range of searching tools makes it extremely easy for users to find their matches. You’ll find exactly the woman you are looking for!


It’s a quite cheap service — $9.99 for a lifetime premium account is a great price. Credits aren’t too expensive, too.

Free features

You can register, search, and show your interest to women for free. It’s enough to understand whether you like this service or not.

Matching algorithm

We haven’t said anything about it, but still: the matching algorithm is just great. It shows the perfect matches, so it’s really simple to find a lady of your dreams here


No meetings

Unfortunately, this dating service doesn’t arrange meetings.

No app

Mobile dating apps are very convenient, but if you choose this dating service, you’ll have to open your browser to use it. It’s not a huge problem, but you still should know about it.

No PayPal

You can’t buy a premium account without a credit card. However, the majority of people have at least one credit or debit card, so we are sure that it won’t be a problem for you.

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