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Korean Mail Order Brides: All You Wanted To Know (Backed By Numbers)

If you’re going to find a Korean mail order bride, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find some really useful facts about these women — we won’t make anything up, we’ll just tell you some interesting statistical facts that will help you understand Korean brides better.

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Korean women for marriage and American men

In 2010, 232 Korean females entered the United States on a K-1 (fiancee) visa. In 2019, this number increased twice (482). As you can see, South Korea is not even close to such classic mail bride countries as Vietnam or the Philippines, but of course, it doesn’t mean Korean mail order brides are not interested in American men and in America itself. Koreans are interested in cultural and educational exchange with the United States (10,000 J-1 visas issued in 2019 are the best evidence of these claims), they are very Westernized, and they (in general) like dating American guys as much as Vietnamese ladies for marriage do.

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Another interesting fact is that only 11 K-2 visas were issued to the children of K-1 visa holders in 2019 – the ratio (482 to 11) is much lower than it is in such mail bride countries as Vietnam, Thailand, or the Philippines.

Cost of Korean mail order bride

Korea, like any other Asian country, is not the best place for approaching the girls on the streets — they are not really used to it yet and you need to be fluent in Korean to succeed. That’s why you need to date Korean brides online — it’s simple and cheap (around $20-$50 per month). Obviously, it’s also much more comfortable than offline dating.

But sooner or later, you’ll still have to go to South Korea and a 2-week trip will cost you about $2,500. The tickets from New York to Seoul cost about $530-$600 and 2 weeks in Korea will cost you about $1,500 (mid-range travel style; if you prefer luxurious hotels and restaurants, you’ll need to spend up to $3,500 for 14 days). And it’s much cheaper than travelling to Japan and finding a Japanese wife. A typical hotel room costs $50-$90 per day, food costs about $30 per day, and you’ll also have to spend about $13 per day on local transportation. The average entertainment budget in Korea is $50-$60 per day (2 people).

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As you can see, Korea is not the cheapest country in the world, and to have 2 awesome weeks in this country, you’ll need to spend at least $2,500 (the more the better).

The truth about Korean brides

You’ll find thousands of Korean mail order brides on dating sites. Most of these girls are very young (20-30 years old) but of course, it’s also possible to find Korean ladies who are looking for an American man in their 40s and even 50s. Korean wives are very well-educated (and the share of female students in tertiary education is constantly growing) and hard-working — most of them work in agricultural, manufacturing, or commercial industrial sectors. As for the age gap in the relationships, these women are typically not looking for an older man (like Filipino mail order brides or their counterparts from Vietnam and Indonesia) — the average age gap between a Korean wife and an American husband is 3 years.

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Korean mail order wife is beautiful, very educated, hard-working, and she is certainly worth your attention if you’re looking for an Asian wife. This country is quite expensive to visit, but these women are worth efforts and expenses — so choose the dating site and start chatting with them right now!

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